Car Alarms & Remote Start

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Car Alarms & Remote Start

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Vehicle Security & Components

Keyless Entry

Our most basic vehicle security component starts with Keyless Entry with smart chip added security. Choose from short range radius up to 1500 ft radius keyless activation.

Kill Switch

Engine kill switch are smart chip activated, the most advance and secure vehicle theft deterrent.

Shock Sensors (proximity sensors)

Available for most cars some restrictions may apply, please give us a call for more details.



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What car alarm is right for my vehicle? Is a typical question we hear all the time at SD TRUE CUSTOMS, The actual security alarm which is right for an individual along with your automobile depends on a number of aspects. Very first, it is advisable to contemplate on questions such as; what are you looking to protect full car or personal or both? SD TRUE CUSTOMS offers a vast selection of Directed Electronic alarm models ranging from $49 to $799 all depending on your needs. Most car alarms come with movement sensors, keyless entrys and Killswitch. We recomend looking at all possible scenerios and recommending that you make a decision based on what is most beneficial for you. Ultimately your vehicle is a very sensitive investment, but not all can appreciate and respect the hard work you have put into your car.

Exactly what to consider in the security alarm?

The most basic alarm will be triggered when a door is opened (but not necessarily the trunk or rear hatch) and if there is a sudden impact to the vehicle (such as someone trying to punch out a lock). For someone that parks in a relatively safe and secure area most of the time, but wants the piece of mind of having an alarm, a basic alarm is probably all that is needed.

  • Radar sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Motion or “jacking” sensors.
  • Shock sensors
  • Piezo siren
  • Battery Back up

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Personal safefy is crucial to all of us specially when it comes to our love ones. Car alarms have come far ways from just being loud and keeping intruders alerted. A way to keep safe and simply a smart choice are remote starts, you can be safe from far away and have your car on and warm by the time you are ready to go no need to wait. Perfect for the commuters and the go getters.



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