Affordable 1-Way Car Alarm $149 Installed

Avital 1-Way security System

State-of-the-Art Features

This basic car alarm comes with Two 3-button transmitters

  1. Arm/Disarm
  2. Lock/Unlock your doors and arm/disarm the security system with the push of a button

  3. Trunk Release
  4. Remotely open your trunk

  5. Auxiliary
  6. Control several other optional funtions

Parking Light Flash

Fault-Proof Starter Interrupt*

Power Door Lock Outputs*

Zone-2 Shock Sensor

Six Tone Siren

Passive/Active Mode

Chirps On/Off

Ignition Control Door Locks On/Off

0.8/3.5 sec. Door Lock Output

Single/Dual Door Lock Pulse

*Additional parts and labor may be required.

avital 3100 car alarm